New Northmont Signage Funded by Memorial Fund

Last year the Session approved four projects for the Memorial Fund Wish List.  One of those projects, development of a new Northmont website, was completed in March.  You have probably noticed the recent completion of a second project – signage throughout the interior of the church and a few new signs outside. The signs are particularly helpful to new members and to visitors to Northmont for Sunday worship services, weddings, funerals, and meetings of groups that share our space. Special thanks go out to Sarah Jane Beorn, Bonnie Elphinstone, and Anne Linaberger, who worked with a graphic design and sign company to make this happen. Thanks also to Scott Davis and Bill English (the younger) for preparing walls for the new indoor signs.

The Memorial Committee acknowledges with sincere gratitude the friends and families of Dale Barger, Dorothy Dickson, Deane Frank, Dave Meister, Tom Snaman, Jean Stultz, and Linda Zmuda, whose memorial contributions paid for this Signage Project.  Thank you all very much.