Community Groups

So, what is a Community Group?

To answer this question, it may be helpful to start with what a Community Group is not.

A Community Group is not a class, it’s not a bible study, and it’s not a closed group of friends that get together to have lunch. These are all wonderful and valuable things, but not necessarily a “Community Group”.

Might a Community Group include learning, bible study, or food? Absolutely– but it doesn’t end there.

A Community Group is meant to be flexible, open to new members, developing meaningful relationships, and includes education while striving to go beyond it.

As a member of a Community Group, you enter into a covenant of sorts. The focus for the group (biblical, topical, prayer, etc) is only part of it. Each meeting should include time to check in with each other, ask questions, pray for what’s happening in each other’s lives, and support each other. Learning and relationship must go hand in hand in terms of importance.

So you might ask: How does the focus directly apply to your life, not just society in general?What stories can you share from your life that relate? This is what it means to be a Community Group: caring for one another through a particular focused lens.

These groups are meant to have the ability to ebb and flow, fluid and not stagnant. That’s why we structure in breaks every 6 weeks. When, where, and how often the group meets is up to the group. Taking a break between each 6-week “block” gives us some time to reassess and recalibrate.

Group members might ask: How are things going? Who else needs invited to this group? Should we combine this group with another? Do I need a break? Maybe we want to switch topics. It gives us a chance to be open and flexible.

Thanks for journeying with us. Any questions, let us know.