Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. His resurrection revealed Christ as God’s presence in our world. By Christ’s life, death, resurrection, and ascension, the brokenness of the human spirit was restored to God’s embrace. God’s compassion through Christ overcame the opposition, alienation, and despair that darken people’s hearts.

The Bible is the testimony of God’s work in Christ. As God’s Word to humanity, the Bible confesses the truth about God’s nature and the failure of people to live up to God’s goodness. Throughout history faithful men and women have given their personal testimony about the Bible’s truthfulness through confessions of faith that declare Jesus Christ as Lord. We are inheritors of their faithful legacy and continue their witness by Christ’s spirit.

We have been given one mission by Jesus Christ. That mission is to make disciples of all nations. This mission is compassionate and inviting. It is humble and sincerely concerned for the welfare of all, not only in this life, but for the life that is to come.

Each day is a gift that God gives us to invest ourselves in Christ’s mission. Our appreciation for this daily blessing inspires us to work honorably for Him, from whom all blessings flow. We rarely measure up to His standard, yet we are committed to offer ourselves for Him as best as we can as His disciples and missionaries.

Created by God we are equals, not so in society, but very much so thanks to Jesus.

Pastor Ben Robbins