Choir Season 2023 Begins!

By Stephen Schall

Two weeks ago, at the Barn Service, we had a lovely reminder of how beautiful and inspiring the Chancel Choir is. This week they and the Adult Handbell Choir return from their summer hiatus. We have an exciting musical year ahead. The bells will return to playing once a month. And, in addition to the weekly choral offerings, the Chancel Choir will be joined by the Academy Chamber Orchestra to perform the Requiem by Gabriel Fauré during morning worship on All Saints’ Sunday, November 5. There will be additional choral services after Christmas, so stay tuned!

There are a few changes in the music department to note: 

First, this year the bell choir will be led by our friend, Rob Frankenberry, who is our tenor section leader and sometime pianist. Rob is a superb musician and has played bells for years. I am grateful to Rob for stepping in to help while I’m feeling stretched in my work and personal commitments. 

Handbells will be meeting from 5-6 on Thursday afternoons. This is a slight change in schedule that we hope allows more people to participate. If you are interested in knowing more about ringing or are interested in joining the bell choir, speak to Rob or Stephen. We’ve gained a new ringer or two this season but we could really use more!

The Chancel Choir will meet from 6:30-8:30 on Thursdays. If you have a pleasant voice, a good sense of humor, and can read music, I’d love to hear you sing! The choir is in particular need of altos and tenors. Please contact Stephen if you have questions or would like to sing. 

Chelsea Cockburn will be soprano section leader in the Chancel Choir. Look for Chelsea’s detailed bio here and on the “meet a choir member” bulletin board. Chelsea was raised by professional musicians, and is an avid flutist, bell ringer, and choral singer. She is a PhD and MD and is currently a resident in pediatrics at Children’s Hospital. Chelsea sang with us at the church picnic and made a wonderful first impression. I hope you will join me in saying, “Welcome Chelsea!”