What Is Wednesday Club?

Wednesday Club is an outreach program for children K-5th grade.  Each session lasts 10 weeks during the school year and a few less weeks during the summer.  We meet in the Fellowship Hall at 5:00pm and continue until 7:00pm.  We play for a while then we have some Bible fun. After we run downstairs, we wash our hands sing a very loud prayer and eat yummy kid friendly food prepared for us by loving hands in the kitchen. As soon as we clean-up our dinner plates – we are off to run around and play games of all sorts!  We laugh and smile a lot! We ask questions and make crafts. We are growing as a community of children who love and follow Jesus.

We help each other, respect each other, and help others by way of mission. We make blessing bags for people who need to be blessed. We have collected coats for NHCO and work through Heifer International to raise awareness and supply families and communities with animals, water purification, and other items they may need to create better lives for themselves.  And finally, we begin new friendships with each other. There is so much going on and we would love for your children to join us.

Many ask “what about my child’s friends, can they come?”  Absolutely – we encourage them to join us, to have a friend along beside you on your faith journey is important in today’s world.  “Can I just bring my kids a few times?” YES you can, it is fine if you come once, three times, or never miss a session. There is no rule on when or how many you can attend.  If you have any other questions or think you may want to help in this ministry – please feel free to contact Barb or call the office.